please consider this as a prayer or simply a request for you to buy our stuffs more so we can move to a bigger place. HAAAA!!!!"

to end is to begin

by the end of June, we also ended up our store in FX Mazee that we had for a year. Twas such a blessing to become part of it but there’s a bigger plan for us.

July the 1st, we’ve had 2 store for stockist opened meanwhile we are preparing our showroom to be opened by the end of this month.

Now we are also available in Bandung at POPSHOP, Jl. Cimanuk no. 11 and at SILLA Home , Grand Indonesia - Level One , 1st Floor.

We are so thankful for the endless spirit of productivity and friendship that never last. 

Thank you FX Mazee that lead us up for so many oportunities. The history will always be remained. 


we love pancakes, coffee and silver chains.

Kandura on Designboomart Valencia - Spain 2010. Read more!

2010 was definitely a great year for us, were selected to showcase and sell our works in Designboomart Valencia - Spain. The experience was amazing, got a chance to interact with the real market and to know people with the same interest from all over the world. Priceless! Ghia shared some stories for us here…